It’s Crunch Time

Dear Friend,

Have you voted yet? If you haven’t, early voting is now underway and Charlie needs you to get out and vote this week. Click here to find an early polling place near you.

If you have voted, we could use your help staffing polling places and working at our phone banks. Please drop us an email us at or call 512-221-6171 to sign up for a time slot today. If you can’t make it out to the phone banks, please give us a call and we’ll set you up to phone bank from home.

Charlie’s campaign has been working day and night to ensure that Justice that Works becomes a reality for everyone in Travis County on election day, and we need your help. Please contact us today and join our last-minute efforts to bring true reform to Travis County.


Pam Wade

Scientific experts who debunked the arson evidence used against Willingham at his 1992 trial and a jailhouse witness who recanted his shaky testimony convinced District Court Judge Charlie Baird in 2010 that “Texas wrongfully convicted” him. But Baird’s order clearing Willingham’s name never became official, because a higher court halted the posthumous inquiry while it considered whether the judge had authority to examine the capital case.

Even young supporters are out block walking for Charlie Baird!

Even young supporters are out block walking for Charlie Baird!

In For Ten on May 10 at Carmelo’s

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Early voting begins in exactly one week, and I’m excited. Although the downtown elite in Travis County is writing off challenges to Democratic incumbents in this year’s primary because turnout is expected to hit an all-time low, we’re working hard and are very optimistic about our chances.

You see, we’re counting on three things that the naysayers aren’t: polling numbers showing that persuadable voters likely to participate in the Democratic primary are ready for change; the strength of our grassroots support; and my personal commitment to this campaign.

My commitment is so strong that I wrote a personal check for $10,000 to help pay for necessary GOTV, mail, and television that we need during early voting.

I’ve been a public servant—a judge or law professor—most of my professional life, so I’m not a rich man.  And, with two children who’ll likely want to attend college someday, this amount represents a substantial investment from me and my family.

I’m asking you to help me match this $10,000. If we can pull together $20,000 by combining my personal commitment and your donations by Friday, May 11th, we will take a giant step toward ensuring victory on Election Day.

My campaign is holding a fundraiser on Thursday, May 10th.  Please join this Thursday evening at Carmelo’s (in the Louisa Room), 504 E. Fifth Street here in Austin, from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and do what you can to help make victory on Election Day a reality.


Charlie Baird

Weekend Update

Friends, many thanks to everyone that has volunteered to block walk this weekend. You’re dedication is making a difference. We’re phone banking Monday thru Thursday evenings at the Peek and Toland Law Firm, 1214 East 7th Street, Austin, TX 78702.

We’ve just launched our Polling Place Finder on You can give it a test run at! Check it out. Enter your address in the search bar (ex: 1100 Congress Austin, TX 78701) and it will bring up a full compliment of mobile and standard early voting locations for next week —complete with hours and days of operation—so you can plan out when you want to go vote (maybe try a polling place by your favorite restaurant?)

One little bug we are still working out: if you search one address and then another, depending upon your browser, it may cache the original address and keep bringing up that polling place. If you notice any other bugs, let us know.

What a Busy Weekend
Friends, it was another very busy weekend on the campaign trail.
It began Saturday morning speaking at a re-entry forum and workshop hosted by Patt Jackson and Rev. Robert Clemons, Asst. Pastor at St. James Baptist Missionary Baptist Church. Saturday afternoon, Olivia, William and I went to the Dragon Boat Festival sponsored by Amy Mok and the Asian American Cultural Center. The kids had a great time, they especially liked the drums and taking a tour of a real ambulance hosted by an EMT. On Sunday, I visited Antioch Baptist Church with my campaign manager, Pam Wade. This was a very special visit because it’s Pam’s home church which is headed by my good friend Pastor Walter Jasper. Finally, I visited with both new and long time friends at Ramsey Park. Many thanks to Sue Berkel and Susan Morrison for hosting this meet and greet and to those who took yard signs and bumper stickers!

Charlie Speaking at Rosedale Park

Endorsement of Mexican American Democrats

Friends, I am honored to accept and announce the endorsement of Mexican American Democrats (MAD). Many thanks to the folks at MAD for their support!

Campaign Update

Friends, the campaign had another very busy weekend. Friday evening, I appeared on Hispanic Today Live with host Peggy Vasquez. This was a great opportunity to discuss my ideas for reforming our criminal justice system. The show will be rebroadcast several times on Channel 10.

Saturday, our teams of block-walkers walked three separate areas of Travis County. I really appreciate all the volunteers giving up their time on Saturdays to get out our message. While the block-walkers were knocking on doors, I attended the Travis County Democratic Party convention and enjoyed the opportunity to visit with those in attendance individually and to address the entire crowd. (Thank you Andy and Laura.) Saturday, afternoon I went to the 6th Annual Clayton Fun Run & Carnival at Clayton Elementary School. I was able to take Olivia and William along (they are much better campaigners than daddy!). We ate kettle corn and snow cones, rode the train and horses, and saw the fire truck. I think we even persuaded some voters!

Sunday, my campaign manager, Pam Wade, and I attended the Greater Calvary Bible Church service and heard the inspired word of Bishop Dr. Sterling Lands. I especially enjoyed the children’s choir and dance routine. What a great way to begin a worship service.

Early voting starts on May 14, and Election Day is just five short weeks on May 29. If you have any time to volunteer, please contact Joel Blanchard by email at or call 512-731-8896. We could use your help in phone-banking and block-walking.

Finally, we have a new batch of yard signs. This is the 3rd batch that we’ve ordered! If you want a yard sign, please leave a comment here and we’ll install your sign ASAP.

Hispanic Bar Association of Austin Endorsement

Many thanks to the Hispanic Bar Association of Austin (HBAA) for endorsing my campaign for Travis County District Attorney. I am honored to have the support of this respected organization and to welcome HBAA to our growing list of endorsements.


WOW, what a weekend!

Friday evening, I marched in the B. L. Joyce Mini-Parade, an East Side event honoring the legendary band director.

Saturday began with our weekly blockwalk. Thank you Kim and Sherwyn Patton for hosting the walkers. Early that afternoon, I received the endorsement of Austin Community College American Federation of Teachers Local 6249! I am honored to have the support of these great teachers who do so much for our community. I then headed to Estrada’s Cleaners for the
kick-off of Latinos for Charlie Baird. My dear friend, Fidel Estrada, was very gracious in welcoming us to his iconic location. I am honored to have his support and thankful to all who attended the event. Kristin and I ended the day at the annual scholarship banquet of the Hispanic Physicians Association inside Royal Memorial Stadium. What a great venue and a wonderful event.

Sunday, I had “my face in the place,” to quote my friend Pastor B.W. McClendon, Sr. The “place,” of course, is St. James Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor McClendon preached a great sermon and The Mass Choir brought the house down, again & again.

As you can see, the campaign is moving fast and building momentum; we’ll keep up this pace until 7:01 p.m. on May 29. Please volunteer to help the campaign. We now have just under 60 days to make our slogan, “Justice that Works for Everyone in Travis County,” a reality.

Have a great week. Charlie

Volunteer Update: Phone Bank & Block Walk Info

Friends, join us tomorrow and Thursday for phone banking from 6:00pm till 8:00pm at the Peek and Toland Law Firm, 1214 East 7th Street, Austin, TX 78702.
On Saturday we’ll be block walking in East Austin. Join us from 10:00am through the afternoon at the home of Kim Patton, 1603 Meander Drive, Austin, TX 78721 to pick up materials to canvass.

Many thanks for your help. As always, please email me at or call 512-731-8896 if you have any questions.

In Unity,

Joel Blanchard

Charlie Baird Campaign

Confirmation…My public comments about the diversion program were true, accurate and have now been independently verified.

My opponent has spent an inordinate amount of time saying I was ‘misinformed’ or ‘didn’t know what I was talking about’ in a deliberate effort to deflect attention from what’s been clear to anyone willing to look… her program discriminates based on wealth and race. It’s time to fix the mess in the DA’s office.

Help Make Calls or Block Walk This Week

Dear Supporter,

With early voting beginning in just seven weeks, we’ll be phone banking and block walking again this weekend.

Phone Banking on Tuesdays and Thursdays

We will still be phone banking on Tuesday and Thursday, however, we are moving to a new location with extended call times and additional space.
Please join us on Thursday evening at the law firm of Peek and Toland, 1214 East 7th Street, Austin, TX 78702 to phone bank from 6:00pm till 8:00pm.

Saturday Block Walking

Join us on Saturday, March 24th to block walk for Charlie. We will be meeting at the Dittmar Recreation Center, 1009 West Dittmar Road, Austin, TX 78745 between 10:00am till 1:30pm.

Steve thank you for volunteering and If you have any questions, please email me at or call 512-731-8896.

In unity,

Joel Blanchard
Charlie Baird Campaign